A New Can Of Worms
22 March 2003
The Axis of Incompentence???
Now the Times Turns on Powell

Why Colin Powell Should Go by Bill Keller ignores the fact that whoever was at State was going to fail to put together a coalition. It's absurd to lay the blame on one man, or the Administration.

Old Europe is in denial and can't recognize the difference between mass casulty terrorism and a car bomb.

American exuberance defines the Clinton Administration, not the Bush Administration. We have been anything but exuberant. Colin Powell hasn't gone around the world telling countries how to organize their economies, that was Robert Rubin. Colin Powell hasn't bragged to the Europeans how great we are doing, that was Bill Clinton. We were attacked, better than 3,000 of our citizens died, and we will not let it happen again. How is that bullying?

The term that defines this Administration, is political will. Rather than bury our heads in the sand like the last administration and Old Europe, in the great tradition of America, we are rolling up our sleeves and doing something about it. We won't fiddle as America burns -- as much as Bill Keller, the anti-american protestors and the Democrat Party would like us to.

The bottom line is that the same people who were wrong about the Cold War are the same ones we are telling us we're wrong here. We should follow the Castanza strategy in dealing with these groups. Do the opposite of what they say, believe the opposite of what they believe and act in opposition to them, and we'll be just fine.

Ananova - US 'stepping on Russian economic interests in Iraq'

If there is anything that the US stands for it's the rule of law and the free flow of oil in the global marketplace. This means we will probably ensure Iraqi contracts with other Nation's are honored. Regrettably, the same goes for the French.

It's great fun to bash the French and dismiss the Russians and Germans, but there are higher principles the Administration must address. We will consider the long-term implications of our actions. That doesn't mean that those who weren't willing won't be punished, it does mean that our foreign policy leaders won't lash out. Whatever we do will be calibrated and respectful to the sanctity of contracts and the rule of law.
We fast not for God, but our egos

Theodore Dalrymple is able to express a nagging feeling I have about Lent. We were told last week that Lent is about sacrifice and discipline. It sounds so much like, "Dieting for Christ." Like European thinking, it's process over substance...
Note to John McCain: We have been sacrificing you moron....

Bush Wins Crucial Tax Cut Votes in House, Senate (washingtonpost.com) Government spending has been growing at three and four times the inflation rate in recent years and our economy is in the tank.

I'm told that to pay for the war, we must all sacrifice. I've lost my job and moved half way across the country. I know of 4 colleagues that have been out of work for a year or more. Two have moved home, another is getting divorced. I'm wondering, here, when government is going to sacrifice. I'm wondering when the Mark Shields, the Russ Feigngold's and the Tom Daschle's of the world are going to start sacrificing. Because I have a newsflash, my friendsand I all ready have.

Economic growth has been sluggish, the way to spur the economy is through promoting growth, not sacrifice...
In God's Country, We Support the War

Ran into Sue, Susan and Robin last night at a favorite watering hole. They wanted to kick some protestor ass. God love 'em. Three single, very attractive women in their mid-twenties and early thirties saying things like that would be unheard of on the Coasts. These three give a single guy hope.

Unlike Vietnam the silent majority is no longer silent. There are rallies occuring accross Illinois in support of removing Iraq. The anti-war left aren't anti-war they're anti U.S. I think that's pretty transparent and it's why the only people who care are at the NYT and network news. You know...the enemy....
20 March 2003
The Great Arab Fighter

Muhammed is rolling in his grave. Fox News reports that 20 percent of the Republican Guard talking are talking of, or have begun, defecting.

Moral Relativism at Annapolis

This frightens me for the Navy and Marines. One man's terrorist is not another's freedom fighter. Rarely have 'terrorists' as we know of them been freedom fighters. Osama bin Laden is not about "freedom" he is about control. The IRA was about who controls Ireland. England is hardly oppressive. The Palestinians were offered 95 percent of what they were asking for and they walked away. No, it's not about freedom.

To say there is a fine line between a warrior (a term I hate, I prefer war fighters) and murderer is a joke. It has no place at the Naval Academy.
Read about (the late?) Saddam Hussein

A chilling brief biography onSaddam Hussein by one Andrew Cockburn. Here are some interesting items:

"Whatever other misconceptions he may cherish, the Iraqi dictator has never fooled himself that he is loved by his people. Saddam likes to emphasise his unsentimental toughness, nurtured, he has let it be known, by the rigour of his upbringing."


"Saddam was content to be the hard-working “Mr Deputy”, an unobtrusive second-in-command, while building his power base in the party and, most crucially, the security services."

This second quote somehow reminds of Hanna Arendt. Content to be number 2, the bureaucrat, the Himmler or the Stalin -- who Hussein admires -- draws me to the term "banality of evil," even though I know that is not exactly what Arendt described.

19 March 2003
Good Sense From Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore on National Review Online points out the obvious.

How Xavier and Marquette could be ranked higher than Illinois in the NCAA tournament is a travesty. Another good point is that we shouldn't go to war in March. I blame the UN for that.
Bonus if you are Scotch-Irish

Scots get day to call their own
18 March 2003
Might Be A Must Read...

A Philadelphia Inquirer Review of a "Just War Against Terrorism: The Burden of American Power in a Violent World." I wonder, especially after Jimmy Carters cynical manipulation of Just War Theory in the NYT last week, if we'll see a cottage industry of these...

Another aspect of this will be the cottage industry of new books trying to describe the new, new, new world order...Think about it...for the past year and a half every conversation began with, "After September 11th..." Before that it was, "After the Cold War..." I wonder if from now on we will say, "After the Iraqi liberation..." It's as if time begins for us after every significant event in foreign policy.... Of course, the Democrat Party is still shaking off Vietnam... One more thing they have in common with the French, fighting the last war...
Gun Control Hijinks

From the Illinois Leader, a story on gun control legislation moving through the IL General Assembly (GA): "But Dillard says that his vote was a part of his strategy to make sure that someone who will voice the concerns of the pro-Second Amendment groups is involved in the bill drafting process. Dillard says that if the bill would have been defeated in committee, that Senate President Emil Jones (D-Chicago) would have re-routed the bill through a more favorable committee, and there would have been less chance for VanderMyde's and his input into the final legislation."

I find that if any Leader in the GA can take a bill out of, say, the Judiciary Committee and put it into the Education Committee patently undemocratic. If there are no rules to the system, why bother to vote? We'll just rig the system until we get the vote we want. This is not good for representative democracy, because it robs the system of legitimacy.

State Sen. Dillard is forced to support legislation he opposes in committee so he can attempt to have the say in the final outcome. And to think these,guys at the Statehouse want more corporate accountability....
Foxes and Hedgehogs

The case for colonialism Daniel Kruger says that we should not be frightened of being ‘imperialist’. It is the job of the West to plant the seed of liberty in lands now ruled by despots

Daniel Kruger, I think, pays the highest compliment to President Bush and those of us who support him. After all, they said the same thing about President Reagan.

Moreover, I think that as we have moved toward multi-lateralism we have moved away from the purpose of the UN. The UN was designed to be the world's policeman, it was to be a colonial power.

Roosevelt, as I remember reading about it, told Stalin that the US, Great Britain, the USSR and China would be the world's policemen through the UN Security Council. The UN never ended colonialism, it merely supplanted it with the four great powers that were supposed to make these decisions through the UN together. Because of the "realities" of the Cold War, that never happened.

Now, as French and German European Realism is emerging, we are seeing the practices of the USSR repeating themselves in an attemptto balance US hegemony. Somehow, I don't think the French and Germans will have the staying power of the Soviets.

From Bolshevik Broadcasting Corp.

" Tony Blair has won Commons backing to send UK forces into battle with Saddam Hussein - but also suffered another major backbench rebellion."

Our most heartfelt thanks somehow seems not nearly enough.
This Disgusts Me

For some the death penalty is too good.
17 March 2003
More on Liberal Bush Bashing

Andrew Sullivan agrees with my point that liberals hate only President Bush more than the U.S. ... "So if you're a pro-war liberal, you have to attack the man who's responsible for carrying this policy out. Or else ... no more dinner parties for you. I do think this phenomenon is actually intensifying the demonization of Bush among blue state elites. The one connecting thread is contempt for the president. If you pass that litmus test, you're allowed some lee-way in your opinions."

Actually, it's probably me agreeing with him...
Shameless Self Promotion

Here's the latest about my recent trip to the White House. President Bush invited members of the National Lawsuit Abuse Task Force. I'll be writing more about this in the next couple of days....

Will the Last Business in Illinois to Leave Please Turn Out the Lights

"Manufacturing, and the business community at large, is at a crossroads. As the accompanying chart demonstrates, government employment has surpassed production employment in Illinois," writes Boro Reljic of the Illinois Manufacturers Association. If this does not tell you how bad the Illinois business climate is, then nothing will.

Democratic Suicide???

Could this be it? Could we be seeing, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the return of the McGovern wing of the Democrat Pary? I think the only thing the base of the Democratic Party hates more than the United States is President Bush. I can't wait to here the explanations when everything turns out okay. By okay, I mean satisfactorily. I don't mean it will be a raging success. The Middle East is far too complex for that to happen. I believe after being in Washington last week -- at the White House no less -- that the Administration is well aware of the gravity and that removing is a necessity; they don't like it, but they are determined to do what they believe they have to. Chicago Tribune | War positions dog leading Democrats in presidential field
Reality Mugs The Tobacco Settlement

Those of us on the "wrong side of the tobacco issue" warned 'em. We did... Perhaps Illinois should begin to promote smoking...SJ-R.COM - Shrinking tobacco payments add to state's budget woes

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