A New Can Of Worms
25 April 2003
Q&A on The Saudis With Stephen Schwartz

Katie Bacon interviews the author of The Two Faces of Islam: The House of Sau'ud from the Tradition to Terror.

Schwartz offers an fascinating comparison of Catholicism and traditional Islam with Protestantism and Wahabism. The long knives will be surely out for Mr. Schwartz.
24 April 2003
The Truth

This is what it is like to be a political scientist. Everybody has an opinion on politics and society and they think their opinion is a valuable as any expert's opinion.

Christopher Hitchens Forcibly Removed From Trailer Park After Drunken Confrontation With Common-Law Wife
President Bush's Neoconservatives Were Spawned Right Here in N.Y.C., New Home of the Right-Wing Gloat

A very interesting take on the neocons from the New York Observer. Here is my favorite:

"I have been amazed by the level of conspiracy-mongering around neocons," said David Brooks, an editor at Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Kristol’s Weekly Standard, and author of Bobos in Paradise. "I get it every day—the ‘evil Jewish conspiracy.’ The only distinction between ‘neoconservative’ and ‘conservative’ this way is circumcision. We actually started calling it the Axis of Circumcision."

22 April 2003
If Liberalism's Such a Dead Horse, Why Beat It?

Interesting piece from Sunday's Washington Post where Professor Michael Skube offers some interesting insight regarding the right -- including Sean Hannity. To a certain extent, Skube is right about Hannity -- somewhat of a boar who presents conclusions, not arguments. On Ann Coulter he seems a bit off.

Coulter is more of a critic as opposed to a polemicst. She's a different animal than Kristol and Buckley, but she is also different from Hannity and his ravings. I don't think its fair to place her in the unthinking category, Neverthelesss, conscientious conservatives would do well to ponder this piece.
21 April 2003
The Left on Michael Kelly

Marni Soupcoff on PART of the lefts reaction to the untimely passing of conservative columnist Michael Kellly in Iraq.

Here are the money lines:

"Yes, there is room for disagreement about what ideology will best advance which interests, about whose rights should be foremost, about how much control government should wield. But at heart, even in the most democratic of societies, is there really room for disagreement about whether a journalist whose only sin has been to advocate from a conservative point of view, and to support the war on Iraq, deserves to die?"

Well put.

There is a small group on both sides of the spectrum that really need to get out more. This kind of bigotry helps no one...

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