A New Can Of Worms
03 May 2003
William Greider Makes My Weekend

Rolling Back the 20th Century has it about right. Greider points to the Mckinley and the gilded age as our model. That may be the poltical model, but philosophically we're about the Founders. He is also over the top and inaccurate in many of his criticisms and some of his facts are just plain wrong.

Fundamentally, he's right -- we are winning.
02 May 2003
With pot and porn outstripping corn, America's black economy is flying high

From the U.K.'s Guardian. I'm skeptical about the assertions made here. The $10 Billion porn industry figure, for example, has been bandied about for years. However, pornography is still a mom and pop industry so it is difficult to measure its true size. Porn industry insiders, obviously, have an incentive to exaggerate and research exists that questions the $10 Billion figure.

I also think the mary jane figure is probably high, pardon the pun, as well. Drug enforcement officials are probably not the best source of information (think job security). Moreover, perspective from wading through that wasteland is probably skewed as well (think cynical cops).
01 May 2003
Bush Tax Plan Limps on...

Larry Kudlow offers some much needed good news on the President's tax plan.

Pollyanish? Could be, but it was good to see.
29 April 2003
No. 34

Conceal-carry becomes law in MN.
More on The Neoconservative-Conspiracy Theory

Damn! It's just a myth...
28 April 2003
Prevention Programs And Scientific Nonsense

D.M. Gorman writes of a phenemona that many of us have experienced. Unlike in the academic community, at a local meeting you can expect the debate to be much more coarse and that participants are not nearly as sophisticated in hiding their political motives. Any attempt to interfere with their government gravy train is agressively attacked.

What really cracks me up is their moral indignation. They will stand and stomp and yell about essential services that people need. No... non profit organizations, Planned Parenthood and the welfare industry demand these things, not the people. Another favorite tactic of gravy train riders is to claim that the services they crave are roads, public safety and education; therefore people should be willing to pay more taxes. However, somehow it always turns into midnight basketball, helium reserves, and condoms in the classroom. If the government only did education, infrastructure and public safety, I'd be happy.

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