A New Can Of Worms
31 May 2003
This is Just Depressing

NR Editors on the New York Times
Killing the Tax Eaters

Stephen Moore suggests we sunset spending on NRO Financial.

Time limits on government programs have a lot of merit. The government starts a program to solve a problem. What happens when the problem is solved? Nothing....I'm thinking of the helium reserve in Texas begun during WW I to ensure the military would have enough helium for it blimps...
29 May 2003
Bull breaks into china shop, Wreaks Havoc

You knew it eventually had to happen...
He Was Only Joking...

A Treasury spokesman has to clarify to AP that Treasury Secretary Snow was joking only when he said he'd like his picture on the $500 bill -- which no longer exists -- during a White House chat.

This is news???
28 May 2003
Peter Berkowitz Defends Strauss

I don't know if this was necessary. Strauss has always had his critics and the articles Berkowitz suggests are the two I linked to and commented upon. I know saw no conspiracy allegations on the part of the writers. I found them balanced even though I disagreed more often than not with the comments about Strauss.

I did find them on the whole to be more useful than the Berkowitz piece, but still...It's nice to know Strauss has other defenders...

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