A New Can Of Worms
01 September 2003
RIP Joe Cimmer (1911-2003)

My grandpa -- and best friend -- passed away this weekend at 92. I had taken over taking care of him this past 18 months. Even though he wasn't at his best these last few years, we still managed to have a pretty good time together. I'll miss him.

He was doing some rehab for an injured back at a local nursing home. He was scheduled to be going home on Sept. 11th, but caught pneumonia. His heart gave out on Friday. He passed in his sleep.

He lived through two world wars and the depression. During the depression he hopped a train to WA to find work. He ended up fighting forest fires in the CCC. In WWII, he was a welder on escort carriers. For a guy who had one day of High School he was a gifted artist who introduced me to the fine arts, politics and philosophy. Most of what interests me today comes from him.
Light Blogging for Awhile

Had bad weekend... broke finger canoeing in two places...hurts like hell.

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