A New Can Of Worms
06 December 2003
Wash Post Picks Up on Conservative Angst about Spending

Conservatives Criticize Bush on Spending is the headline. The story quotes a number of luminaries in the conservative movement. I've been slow to come around on the spending issue, but I've rapidly moved into the angry intellectual category. I was actually very happy that the Energy Bill was killed. Even though I'm happy with medical savings accounts, I could do without the Medicare Act , too.

The story also quotes this guy. A PhD last week and a front page quote in the Washington Post this week. It's an early Christmas in the Hogberg home...
03 December 2003
Bush on Ballot at Wed. Meeting in DC

I've been in DC this week, thus the light blogging. Today, I addressed Grover Norquist's Wed. meeting group and spoke about the Institute as well as the dust-up in Illinois over getting Bush on the ballot. A Washington Post reporter asked for my permission to quote me. Considering that I referred to Illinois as enemey occuppied territory, one can only imagine what she writes.

I also knocked down an interview with Evans and Novak over the ballot issue. Hopefully, it will run.

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