A New Can Of Worms
06 February 2004
Only In Illinois

The Sun-Times notes that Hot Rod is going to have to walk a tight rope on gay marriage:

"The day after the Massachusetts Supreme Court legalized gay weddings in that state, Blagojevich searched for a middle ground that would not alienate conservative Democrats opposed to gay marriages or the active gay voting bloc that supported his run for governor."

Gay marrigage could be the kind of wedge issue the GOP needs in Illinois to be competitive. Downstate democrats will be truly uncomfortable supporting such measures and it is very hard to equivocate. But two things will prevent this issue being exploited in Illinois. 1) A liberal GOP state establishment who finds itself in the same position as the Governor and 2) a stunted grass roots conservative movement unable to control a bigoted minority within it.

It should be noted I'm talking pure politics, here. There are no assumptions about politeness, what is proper, decent, moral etc... just pure politics in a hyper competitive environment.

Frankly, I'd rather talk about the improving economy.

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