A New Can Of Worms
25 February 2004
Not Much Blogging For Now

My google toolbar isn't working. It keeps freezing my IE. Until I'm able to fix that, there will be very light blogging.
23 February 2004
Streamlining Illinois

Chicago Tribune Editorial Board comes supports the streamlining of Illinois government.

I currently have the first draft of a mandate for Illinois in the hands of a donor. We'll probably lay it out and get into the printers in the next few weeks. A big chunk of it calls for streamlining government in Illinois. A lot of the ideas are for competitive councils and the like to identify and weed out programs that don't work and support the ones that do.

The Tribune editorial suggests we may be onto something.
Oh Good

"Political independence at the sacrifice of our President is not attractive in Republican candidates. We need to know the candidate Illinois sends to the U.S. Senate will not base his nomination and ultimate election on being anti-Bush.

For all of these reasons, we eliminate Jim Oberweis from IllinoisLeader.com's Survivor series."

My friends at Illinois Leader come down Jim Oberweis. There views on the immigration issue are especially helpful. His views on immigration and prescription drugs smackd of a demagouge and his campaign/milk commercials are slimy -- not to mention just plain corny.

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