A New Can Of Worms
11 March 2004
Former Braun and Wyden Aid Is Charged With Spying For Iraq

AP is reporting that the alleged Congressional spy worked for Senator Carol Mosley Braun.

Gee, maybe the Republicans do actually need to question the patriotism of Democrats.
Show Me State Considering TEL

ST. Louis Post-Dispatch notes that Missourri may be the next state to implement a tax and expenditure limitation amendment:

"Legislators may ask voters this fall to impose a strict lid on how much money state government can spend.

The proposed constitutional amendment would cap the amount of general revenue appropriated for state programs by tying the total amount spent to inflation and population growth. "

Maybe it will be like concealed carry. I understand that now that 46 states have it the General Assembly in Illinois keeping the issue from coming to a vote. Perhaps when 46 states pass TEL's are state leaders will break the code.

10 March 2004
New Health Care Study at the Institute

It has been too long since I've posted regularly. Part of the reason is because the Illinois Policy Institute has kept me so busy. We are in the midst of rolling out our new health care study.

We held a press conference today at the Statehouse, today and it looks like coverage should be good. WAND-TV (Decatur) ran the story at five. Hopefully, they'll do it at 10, too.

As one can imagine, most everybody focussed on the prescription drug front. I was more than happy to be critical of the Governor's scheme. But, I also offered alternatives for saving money on health care. My only mistake was when asked about the high cost of prescription drugs was not mentioning that the costs would be much, much higher without them.

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