A New Can Of Worms
26 March 2004
Lots of Good News on Guns

Common sense prevailed at the statehouse, yesterday. That's rare in Springfield.
25 March 2004
Some Steamed by Oberweis Chairman's Ads

According to the Chicago Tribune:

"Now out of the race after finishing second in the Republican primary, Oberweis and dairy executives are facing the emerging repercussions of his campaign pitches, which mixed his political identity with his family's dairy and ice cream-parlor business."

Further down in the story Oberweis blames it on the public not knowing the difference between illegal and legal immigration. No, Jim, it isn't a matter of semantics.

People aren't stupid. We recognize that the only difference between illegal and legal immigration is the failure to fill out some forms and wait in line. It's not the great moral transgression Oberweis makes it out to be. Because of that people see it as rather transparent cover for bigotry. Frankly, I can't blame them.
23 March 2004
The Socratic Shrink

The Socratic Shrink in the NYT discusses a new global trend in which philosophy is displacing psychology in certain circumstances. Much of our angst, the theory goes, is caused by uncertainty and illogic. Philosophy addresses just those two things.

I don't know what to think about philosophy as therapy. It helps clarify my thinking, but I also draw from all kinds of disciplines. The problem to me is that we no longer emphasize a liberal arts education. Well rounded people have an easier time dealing with life's trials.
22 March 2004
Christopher Hitchens on Spain

I found this Slate:

Chris Hitchens looks at both the logic of the Spanish and the terrorist. My favorite shot is at the terrorists:

"Don't ask why the holy warriors blow up mosques by the way it's none of your goddam crusader-Jew business."

One sentence blows away that this about religion. This is a war of dominance.

One thing not really addressed here is that I've noticed that the left both here and in Europe look at everywhere except the mouths of the terrorists in explaining their actions. Europeans politicians blame Israel, but that is pretty much an afterthought to Al Queada and it reflects Europe's anti-semitism. They also point to Spain's involvement in Iraq. Yet, the terrorists say it is because of Spain' involvement in Iraq AND AFGHANASTAN. But you see, because of 9/11 it isn't politically correct to attack that so it is dropped..

So much for principle.

Just a few words on Richard Clarke. He seems to equate his demotion at the National Security Council as evidence that the Bush Administration didn't want to fight the war on terrorism. The fact that we invaded Afghanastan pretty much decimates Clarke's arguments. As does pointing out that he offered few clues about 9/11. I find the argument that Stephen Hadley asked him to "update and resubmit" his analysis in a week on Iraq's link to 9/11 weak. Update and resubmit pretty much means, well... update and resubmit... Reading anything more into it doesn't wash with me... You just come back with something more forceful and offer more evidence... At that level, one week's delay is actually pretty swift turn around.

I would argue Clarke seems to have equate his position in the goverment as Mr. Terrorism as his measure of willingness to fight the war on terror. I could hear the bitterness in his voice in the 60 minutes interview last night. We've seen behavior like this before in Washington, and we will see it again.

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