A New Can Of Worms
05 April 2004
Only In Illinois

Bringing up the asault weapon ban continues to ripple through the state. The ISRA held their annual meeting last weekend and guess what was topic A?

Confirming my thoughts about the cultural divide was this:

"At a bar Friday night at the Rend Lake Resort, rifle association members said Chicago lawmakers who push for gun-control measures don't understand the hunting and gun-sporting culture."

As I read on though, I discovered this little bit of information that I think underscores why people just look at our political class with disgust:

"Jim Vinopal, a lobbyist for the organization from Downers Grove, questioned why the governor would earmark $30 million to begin construction of the World Shooting Complex in Sparta and then make anti-gun statements that could scare competitive shooters away."

With one hand they purchase our votes while they take it away with the other.

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