A New Can Of Worms
29 May 2004
Will Gov. Break His Tax Pledge?

Gov. Blagojevich has pledged not to raise income or sales taxes. One of the measures being discussed by the budgeteers would expand sales taxes to non-carbonated beverages such as Iced Tea.

The SJ-R explains it this way:

"Under the guise of simplifying the state sales tax, lawmakers may consider extending it to products not currently taxed as a way to generate revenue to balance the state budget."

If the gov. were to sign, he would be breaking his pledge. We would be more sales taxes next year then we were for this year in real dollars because of the sales tax expansion. That, my friends, is a general increase in sales taxes.

Give Me A Break!:

''I know some of you guys think that all of us in politics just look at polls and then make our decisions. I don't,'' the governor [Blagojevich] said."

Think about this Gov. Bolshevik's poll numbers are at 40% right now and republicans are almost always under polled these days.

Polls don't matter when the politician in question is going down. The ground is quaking under the gov. right now. He knows it.
26 May 2004
Notice that the Republicans Have Shut-Up

The old rule is that when the oppostion is self-destructing don't try to help.
Madigan is moving on a no-growth budget writes the SJ-R.

The National Taxpayers Union in DC has send emails to its members to tell them to support no growth in the budget. Things like that could help skittish members, hold the line against the governor. But, that's about as much as anyone wants to do.

A smaller state government and the left at each other's throats. What more could you ask for?
25 May 2004
Oh, Good.

Gov. Bill Owens told a joke about the French in Michigan. Apparently, it p****d off the French...

It doesn't make Owens look presidential, but it's good someone got under the French's skin.
24 May 2004
No Growth Budget

Scare tactics are already being brought out after a hint at a spending freeze.

Of course were not calling it that in Illinois. We call a "no growth" budget. Actually, less spending in Illinois would lead to more growth, not less. But, we don't talk about the economy in Illinois, we only talk about the state's financial health.

State spending grew at over 5% last year. We could weather a spending freeze, begin efforts to reform services and come out ahead.

A spending freeze isn't going to happen. But, it is good that someone is finally talking about reality, albeit while still refusing to live up to it.
Never Thought I Would See Something This Thoughtgul Here

SJ-R's editorial on GMO's.

It's not really news that a UN study says biotech can drastically improve the lives of hundreds of million of people, it's just that this sleepy little newspaper would pick up on it...

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