A New Can Of Worms
11 June 2004
I'm the Queen of England

Gov. Bolshevik claims he is a "Reagan Democrat."

He also claims he is trying to do in Springfield what Reagan did in Washington.

I'm just glad Nancy wasn't there to hear it.
10 June 2004
Twinkie Tax?

The Junk food tax may not be off the table in Illinois budget negotiations.

This has to be one of the most idiotic ideas floating around these days. I know it has been the stuff of ridicule on talk radio. I also happen to know that corn syrup is an Illinois based product. And that IL is a major producer. I also know that Kraft Foods, maker of such foods as oreos (through Nabisco), is headquartered in Illinois.

In other words, this would be like North Carolina instituting the very first tobacco tax or Wisconsin charging a cheese tax.
07 June 2004
Med Mal Reform

The Southern has an interesting story this morning. It seems Carbondale Mayor Brad Cole is suggesting that if the state doesn't come up with a meaningful medical mal practice reform, then he'll try to do something at the local level.

I heard rumors last week that the reason why Madigan held up malpractice reform was because he wanted a carrot to entice the house republicans in budget negotiations.

Another told me that while malpractice was important it won't be an election issue this year, but in the next election it would. I disagree with that. There is a level of intensity on this issue that I don't think Springfield recognizes. Not addressing it could really come back to bite Madigan.

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