A New Can Of Worms
02 July 2004
Good News:

"Republican Ron Gidwitz, the former State Board of Education chairman frequently mentioned as a replacement for Jack Ryan in the U.S. Senate race, said Thursday he's not interested in a spot on the ballot."

Anyone supporting higher taxes and more state spending, which Gidwitz does, has no business running for US Senate as a Republican.
01 July 2004
Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Price hikes offset drug discounts reads the headline in the PJ-Sta

Except that out of the 60,000 or so pharmaceuticals on the market, AARP decided it would look at a mere 200. And I'm guessing here, but I'm willing to bet that they only looked at on-patent medications where the costs for drugs are higher as pharmaceutical companies recoup their $800 million or so in drug development costs.
29 June 2004
Oil At 2-Month Low

Iraq Optimism is cited as the reason:

"Oil prices fell to their lowest in two months on Tuesday as the handover of power in Iraq (news - web sites) raised hopes for less sabotage and steadier exports.

U.S. light crude settled 1.6 percent, or 58 cents, lower at $35.66 a barrel. "

That might be a bit optimistic. Of course now that the transition to summer blends of boutique fuels is completed, our government caused annual gasoline price hikes should also begin to relent if they haven't all ready.

What does all this mean? One less issue for John Kerry.
Illinois Leader on O'Reilly

I'll leave the Fox News jokes to others (I actually like FNS and Brit Hume) ... And I won't even go into what I think of O'Reilly... I will say congrats to Dan Proft for pushing what he thinks is right to that level.

I'll have to tune in to see how he does.
Madison County Follies

Amity Shlaes has a strong piece on Madison County in Today's Chicago Tribune.
In Defense of Business As Usual

In the Opinion of the editors at the State Journal Register:

"The governor dropped the ball early on by not showing the necessary leadership to get some version of his budget dealt with during the regular legislative session. Instead of taking his argument to the General Assembly, he winged his way around the state trying to get the support of the people.

Presumably the governor figured he would rally the masses, and the groundswell of support for his visionary ways would allow him to get his budget passed intact. That might work in a Frank Capra movie, but the system in Illinois - and most places in the United States outside of Disneyland - is a bit less noble."

Is this a defense of the old way of doing business where on the final days of the session the "four tops" and the governor negotiate how to spend $50 plus billion of our money behind closed doors as an amendment to a shell bill?
It appears so.

Actually, Presidents Reagan and Clinton were well known for going over the heads of Congress and to the people. Blagojevich has tried that model but failed. His style of bashing the General Assembly and passing dollars to local communities is seen for what it is. Both Reagan and Clinton appealed to broader values. That is why they were able to go over the heads of Congress, and that's why Blagojevich isn't cutting it.

28 June 2004
OpinionJournal on Abortion and the Democratic Party

Comparing statistics on voter turnout and extrapolating Abortion's impact Larry Eastland offers evidence that Democrats are paying a price for their support of the practice:

"As liberals and Democrats fervently seek new voters and supporters through events, fund-raisers, direct mail and every other form of communication available, they achieve results minuscule in comparison to the loss of voters they suffer from their own abortion policies. It is a grim irony lost on them, for which they will pay dearly in elections to come. "

It's interesting and a broad sense I'm you can generalize that it hurts democrats. However, the tendencies he cites in constructing his arguments are just that -- tendencies. Voting tendencies, for example, tend to be artefacts of previous generations but not always.

Still, this is interesting food for thought.

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