A New Can Of Worms
16 July 2004
My Favorite Kerry-Edwards joke, so far.
The Case for Hulk 2

Made by who else? The Hulk.

I agree with him on Joel Shumacher...
Senate GOP Getting Smart

Last year I was highly critical of Sen. Republicans for not getting something in return for supporting Hot Rod's $10 billion bond scheme. This year it seems they may get something big for signing on medical mal practice reform:

"Watson noted that negotiations are still deadlocked on other issues, including how to reduce the cost of doctors' medical malpractice insurance. He stopped short of threatening to withhold votes on the budget until malpractice is resolved, but did say Senate Republicans are considering that tactic."

Last year I suggested that for their support of the bond scheme, Republcians get some kind of spending restraint. Had they done that, we wouldn't be here, right now.
14 July 2004
Los Angeles Times Wannabe

SJ-R Editorial dismisses Mike Ditka a la the LA Times last year:

"It's hard to imagine a guy known for throwing clipboards and cigars when he doesn't get his way will make a viable candidate. It's even harder to imagine that Ditka really wants to be senator. Ask yourself, when was the last time you heard Ditka discuss homeland security, Iraq or trade policy?

What the Republicans will get if they indeed secure Ditka for the ticket is a circus. It will probably be a lot of fun to watch, but it likely won't be good for Illinois or for the Republican Party. Ditka knows the importance of depth on a team. The fact the Republicans are turning to him is a strong indication just how much work their bench needs."

This is the Arnold argument all over again. And probably like California it will take an Arnold or a Reagan to wake the state's GOP. Finally, there is bench strength in Illinois, it's just that most of our young talent leaves for Washington, DC in this state where they can make a name for themselves. Cameron Findlay -- the former Deputy Labor Secretary comes to mind.

And then there is this swipe at Jack Ryan:

"THE REPUBLICANS' first driver, Jack Ryan, was bad enough just getting facts wrong - like overestimating the number of state employees by a few hundred thousand."

Barak Obama family savings subisdy Act -- or whatever he calls it -- limits deposits into IRA's to $2,000. You can put up $3,500 into an IRA.

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