A New Can Of Worms
22 July 2004
And This Too...

Time For Topinka to Step Down

In fact, she'll probably just dig in her heals.

Unless one of her own says to step down, she won't. Moreover, this close to a Presidential election, she shouldn't. Finally, she plans on stepping down after the election anyway.

Bush is probably doomed in Illinois just as Jim Ryan was two years ago. So, Jack forces Judy out to be replaced by some conservative, Bush loses -- as does the Senate Republican nominee -- and Judy's replacement is left holding the bag. Haven't we seen this before?

Gee, for some reason Einstein's definition of insanity just popped into my head
Oh Yeah... That's Going to Happen

Salvi says no to Senate race unless Bush makes call

18 July 2004

Want to know why the Cheney-Halliburton story has such traction with democrats? It's because that is how DEMOCRATS BEHAVE when they are in office.

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