A New Can Of Worms
30 July 2004
Will There Be an Obama Backlash?

From today's Daily Herald

"So it stands to reason that eventually, there will be a Barack backlash. That's not to say it's starting right here, right now. But if it comes, Obama could fall harder than most because he's set the bar so high.

If, say, he doesn't trounce whatever poor latecomer the Republicans find to oppose him just three months from now, he'll have underperformed."

If it does let me be the first to claim credit for Henry, Mike and myself for starting it.

Let me make a prediction for everyone with visions of "President Obama." Based on his State Sen. record he'll win this Fall and go on to be the next Paul Wellstone. Sure, you'll get all misty eyed over him, but in the end he'll accomplish little to nothing.

29 July 2004
More competitors, better health

A Chicago Tribune editorial calls for Illinois to dump its Health Facility Planning Board. Never mind that it took a scandal for anyone in Illinois to pay attention to this central planning albatross, it's just nice to see an editorial page besides the Wall Street Journal to note that government insn't the answer to bringing down healthcare costs.
27 July 2004
Score 1 for the Truth Squad

Obama hit for vote on sex assault bill - (United Press International)
Thompson Center Mortgage Dies

I think this is one of the more telling events in the Blagojevich Administration. It shows the administration's lack of competence as well as their penchant for governing by headline.

Selling state assets is a good idea everywhere but, here. That is what happens when you have political class that is either crooked or incompetent.
Even the Wife Flips

"Teresa's Ted K tirade" is the headline in this morning's Boston Herald.

But even more priceless is how Sen. Kennedy's staff dismissed the story:

"Kennedy's office dismissed the comments as water under the bridge and said the two get along famously now _ regardless of what Heinz Kerry has said in the past."

Explaining Ted Kennedy using the "water under the bridge" analogy can never be good.

I can't wait to turn on the radio in the morning...
26 July 2004
That's Some Gas Bill

Jeff Trigg found out that Rep. David Leitch had spend more than $4,300 dollars of campaign cash on gasoline in 2003.

That's a lot of events...
Big Government Republicans

Mark Samuels and Matt Adrian do a nice job of inadverntantly highlighting whats wrong with state goverment -- even Republicans defend spending.

Here's a paradigm, how about giving us some of our money back.

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