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06 August 2004
The Genius of Mike Lawrence

It is not so much that I'm belittling his intelligence it's just that lines like the below make me wonder:

"This is the first time that the Republican organization has endorsed an African-American for statewide office,' said Mike Lawrence, interim director of the Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University. 'To me, this is the Republican organization doing outreach with the back of its hand as far as attracting minority votes from Illinoisans.'

Lawrence, who served as spokesman for former Republican Gov. Jim Edgar, predicted the selection of Keyes will turn off moderate Republicans, independents and Democrats who might consider voting for a GOP candidate."

I can see where Alan Keyes turns of "moderates" in the GOP and democrat parties. But, Barack Obama is against the death penalty, Nafta, for gay marriage, asgainst guns, and is downright pro-criminal. You would think both of these candidates would turn off voters. But, not in Mike Lawrence's world. It's just the extremely right Keyes; not the extreme leftis Obama. In Mike's world all that matters in the internecine warfare that does more damage to smaller government and lower taxes than anything democrats in the state do.
05 August 2004
By far, this is more fascinating than any potential Obama-Keyes race...
02 August 2004
It's here too
This is Truly Nuts

I've dealt with Keyes personally... His ego is too big for the Senate, Presidency and probably God...

I can't believe this kind of gossip and well wishing passes for news for conservatives...It's borderline delusional...
The Action is Mostly Obama Truth Squad: over here for awhile...
01 August 2004
HSA's in the PJ-Star

My column on the HSAs finally appeared in the PJ-Star. Its not my clearest writing but I think it gets the point across -- HSA's are working.

The only bummer about the article is that they cut the paragraph on just how much they could save. If 40,000 -- just 2 percent - Medicaid enrollees were signed up for HSA's, then a conservative estimates nets a little more than $150 million in savings. That would have paid for a big chunk of the governor's proposed Medicaid expansion in this year's budget.

According to Newt Gingrich a couple companies are exploring getting into providing tools such as HSAs and cash & carry programs for the poor. I plan on looking into this more.

The great thing about the PJ-Star cutting the paragraph with savings numbers is that I can use them to buidl another article.
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