A New Can Of Worms
24 August 2004
Blagojevich Doing Better

From AP:

"Gov. Rod Blagojevich%27s approval rating rebounded over the past three months%2C despite a contentious standoff with lawmakers over the state budget%2C according to a poll of registered voters.%0D%0ABlagojevich%27s rating has climbed to 51 percent up from a low of 40 percent in May according to the results of a Chicago Tribune%2FWGN-TV poll published Tuesday.

But the survey of 700 registered voters who said they were likely to cast ballots Nov. 2 also found that more than half - 53 percent - rated the governor's ability to work productively with legislators as "fair" or "poor" while only 37 percent rated him "excellent" or "good."

The poll conducted Aug. 13-16 by Market Shares Corp. of Mt. Prospect found that Blagojevich's disapproval rating was 30 percent and another 19 percent had no opinion. The survey had an error margin of four percentage points."

When he is working -- May -- he's in the crapper. When goes away -- August -- his numbers go up. Hmm... does this suggests a strategy???

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