A New Can Of Worms
04 September 2004
Bush Opens Double Digit Lead

Newsweek shows a 13% bounce for Bush. href="http://www.time.com/time/press_releases/article/0,8599,692562,00.html">Time pegged it at 11% lead for Bush.

Hat tips to the Bush campaign. After the year they've been through, they really have to pumped up about this election.

31 August 2004
A Conservative Governing Philosophy

Ramesh Ponnuru takes on David Brooks -- the New York Times' favorite conservative -- over the conservative agenda.

Interestingly, he notes something that both a lot of people are missing. Much of the free market wing of the party has abandoned the notion cutting government vis a vis in a "slash and burn" method. Instead, through the use of market forces, reduce the demand for big government.

Ponnuru frames the problem with this approach as one of "finding direction for the republican party" and suggests that muddling through might be more electable, right now. Fair point. I also would add that building a republican progressive majority will take much longer than one election cycle.
30 August 2004
The World is Becoming more Peaceful.

I'm sure Bush will get blamed for this, too.

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