A New Can Of Worms
09 September 2004
Before you fall for Dems' spin, here are the facts

Byron York in "The Hill" gives the other side of the Bush story. Knowing what I know, this seems consistent with my earlier post.

Memos: Bush failed to meet standards, refused order

So says a memo that was never entered into Bush's personnel records. After four years of seeing President Bush in action and after 8 years of an admitted draft dodger, this will only have traction with Bush haters.

A couple of points from someone with 10 years in the Air Guard and numersous friends still at the National Guard Bureau in Washington. Personality conflicts in the Guard are just as common as in the Guard as they are in the private sector. In the Reg. military one gets moved around every few years, so you don't get the same group dynamics as in the Guard. It's a very differ

In the Guard, you can be on the same base for 20 to 30 years. You really get to know people that way. Bush could have easily rubbed this Lt. Col. the wrong way and bammo! I've seen similar clashes and have been the victim of them. Just like office politics there are those who have turf to protect and don't like being challenged. If they don't like you, they've been there for 20 years and they have a sense of an entitlement and moral justification for pulling all kinds of crap. That could've very well been the case, here, and it is probably why the memo was never followed up upon.

08 September 2004
Jesus wouldn't vote for Obama, Keyes says

No, but then again Jesus isn't eligible. But, thanks to Keyes' behavior I'm beginning to move in Obama's direction.

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