A New Can Of Worms
17 October 2004
Hiatus Continues

I haven't been posting lately. The first reason I haven't been posting is because we were doing the Obama Truth Squad and that took a lot of time. Then I made the decision -- thanks to fundraising efforts -- to hire three people. While more things are getting done, I find that I've had to change the way I operate. And that is the reason why Mike Van Winkle and I haven't been doing much on Obama -- I hired him and we just can't justify the time for it while we put this organization together.

I plan to continue posting more, soon. In fact, I may move the blog over (well actualy my serf, Mike will do it -- I love ordering that guy around ;-) to the Institute web site and make it far more policy oriented. It seems when I comment on such things as Alan Keyes perhaps not being the right guy for Illinois, it gets picked up and some on the right don't take well to me sounding off. I don't think I need to be that political and I talk to reporters enough to make those points in other outlets, anyway.

So for now, things will be a little quiet on this site until I develop a more comfortable routine.

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